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Wrexham History
Wrexham History
Kodak Hawkeye Ace Deluxe
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Object ID 000085

Object Name Kodak Hawkeye Ace Deluxe

Object Desc The Kodak Hawkeye Ace Deluxe is a simple box camera for 127 film. Simple cardboard shell with leather covered faceplate and pull out metal viewfinder.

Collection Objects

Accession # MDS000037

Alternate ID

General Category Other Objects

Category Camera

Source Graham Lloyd

Source Category Gift

Accession Date MAY 11,2016


Location Llay

Object Date 1937

Start Year Range

End Year Range

Status In Collection

Object Keywords

Title Camera. Hawkeye Ace Deluxe


Physical Description


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Date MAY 11,2016

Summary Status change

Notes Status changed to In Collection from In Collection - automatic entry by System User

Date MAY 11,2016

Summary Location change

Notes Location changed to Llay from Llay - automatic entry by System User




Date MAY 14,2016

Notes The Kodak Hawkeye Ace De Luxe in very good condition with little corrosion to the metal. The only obvious difference between this 'De Luxe' model and the ordinary Hawkeye Ace is that it has posts on the side to take a strap.